The Herd is Growing!

Join The Movement!

The Herd is Growing!

Join The Movement!

What's Going On Here?

Herd of Hope offers Western New York’s corporate community the opportunity to come together as one in the fight against cancer.

The 2018 campaign generated $500,000 to fund Roswell Park’s first ever team-science research award. More than 100 blue buffaloes are now roaming throughout Western New York and more will join them in 2019!

Funds raised in the second year of the campaign will fuel a new and equally innovative team research project that has the potential to change how we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

We are excited to welcome new members to the Herd in 2019!


Become a Corporate Sponsor

Sponsor a large buffalo to proudly display at your business and receive corporate benefits!

Join as a Community Partner

Order a mini buffalo for your home or office or as a gift. 

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Winning Project Announced!

The winning project of the $500,000 research award is “Improving Cancer Therapy by Countering Mechanisms of Resistance”.

Congratulations to David Goodrich, PhD, and his team, and thank you to all of our team finalists for your submissions!

Click below to learn more about the project!

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