Herd of Hope - About


The Cause.

Herd of Hope was created to build awareness of the research taking place at Roswell Park while raising funds to advance innovative ideas that have potential to make a significant difference in the fight against cancer.

Corporate support for the Herd of Hope could advance Roswell Park’s most promising research initiatives, such as:

Clinical Trials: Funding can allow Roswell Park to embark on new clinical trials that bring the cancer treatments of tomorrow to patients today and evaluate new ways to prevent, diagnose and/or treat cancer.

New Research Projects: Donations provide seed funding to launch the most promising new research projects at Roswell Park. The preliminary data collected through these pilot projects can then be used to apply for national grants. For every dollar donated to these projects, Roswell Park can leverage an additional $13 million in research funding.

Improved Treatment Options: We’ve come a long way in identifying ways to fight cancer, but treatment can take a devastating toll on patients. By exploring new approaches, Roswell Park can identify less invasive treatments with fewer side effects and improved quality of life. 

A cure is out there, and support from Herd of Hope will bring us one step closer to a world without cancer.

The Herd.

The Herd represents local companies coming together as one large group to fund promising research at Roswell Park.

Each participating company will receive an eye-catching blue buffalo to display at their place of business, each with the Roswell Park logo at its base. While displayed individually, these buffaloes are part of a larger Herd of Hope that represents our local business community’s collective efforts to come together with one common goal: finding a cure for cancer.

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