Cancer knows how to put up a fight. The Herd of Hope is pushing back.

A caring business community + a talented group of cancer experts = a recipe for making serious headway in the fight against cancer: the Herd of Hope.

97 blue buffaloes later, nearly a half-million dollars have been raised to support a first-of-its-kind Team Science research project at Roswell Park. Several multidisciplinary teams of Roswell Park faculty came together to develop and submit proposals for a grant that will help them pursue innovative ways to approach cancer and develop new treatments; here are the three finalists. December 12, we’ll reveal the final decision!

Team Project Finalist #1: Improving cancer therapy by countering mechanisms of resistance

When cancer fights back, we find new ways to punch through its armor.

Even when we aggressively treat cancer patients, tumors fight back and resist these therapies. This study will focus on understanding how tumors resist treatment and how certain defects in patient tumors can be exploited to overcome this resistance. We expect to be able to win competitive national grants with the data this study generates. But more importantly, the work will advance our goals of improving the effectiveness of important cancer therapies and bringing their benefits to a larger number of cancer patients.

Team Project Finalist #2: Studying the epigenetics of cancer

Better ways to read genes associated with cancer and how to turn them off.

We have learned a lot about how changes to our genes (DNA) play a critical role in the development of cancer. If our DNA (genetics) is a set of instructions for cells, certain changes to genes that occur on top of or above (epigenetics) affect how these instructions are read. While genetic changes are not reversible, epigenetic changes are potentially reversible. The goal of this team’s study is to determine how epigenetic remodeling drives the creation and development of tumors and, ultimately, to design, implement and advance clinical trials that utilize epigenetic therapies to improve patient response and increase survival.

Team Project Finalist #3: Combination therapies to target advanced prostate cancer

Digging deep into the causes of a hard-to-fight prostate cancer.

30,000 men in the U.S. die each year from a type of prostate cancer called metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). This is a cancer that has spread beyond the prostate and keeps growing despite treatment with hormone therapy. To explore ways to change that trajectory, this project will conduct three sub-projects: two clinical trials following up on studies that already show promise for inhibiting and even preventing CRPC; and a study developing novel immunotherapy protocols against this cancer, with the goal of improving existing treatments and increasing survival rates.

There’s Still Time to Join!

You can still play a part in the Herd of Hope before our finalist is announced December 12!

Join us now to help fuel this powerful research that could lives from cancer.