For the Cutco Community, Roswell Park is a Beacon of Hope

When Jim Stitt was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he had the opportunity to travel south to a warmer climate for treatment. But he stayed right here in Western New York, where he knew he could receive the best care.

“I have a winter home in South Carolina, and I thought about going to Charleston for treatment,” said Jim, Executive Chairman of Cutco Corporation. “That thought lasted for about two seconds because I knew I had Roswell Park right here in our backyard. I knew of the great care that many of my employees and friends have received here.”

Cutco, an Olean-based company, is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada. They’re also one of many local businesses who have stepped up as a Herd of Hope sponsor to support cancer research and patient programs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“We have about 700 employees at Cutco, and many of them have been personally affected by cancer,” said Jim. “Cutco’s connection to cancer is not unique. Cancer affects all of us in some way, and local businesses rely on places like Roswell Park to keep our team members, our friends, our customers, our community, and even our economy healthy.”

“Because of Roswell Park and the incredible doctors and scientists that work there, I am able to stand here today as a cancer survivor,” said Jim. “I often wonder what options I would have had and where I would be had I not been able to come here.”

Choosing Roswell Park for his treatment also allowed Jim to find strength and hope in the face of a difficult journey.

“Through my experiences at Roswell Park, I learned that it isn’t just a hospital that specializes in cancer. It’s a beacon of hope, a place to where I could turn at a moment in my life when my wife and I needed answers and a plan for what to do next. Facing a cancer diagnosis, you know you have no direct control over the outcome. But I was able to pick one of the premier cancer centers in the United States for my treatment.”

For Jim, the blue buffalo statue on display at Cutco’s headquarters represents their ongoing commitment to the fight against cancer. He encourages other Western New York companies to join the Herd of Hope and do their part.

“On behalf of my fellow survivors and the patients who are battling cancer today, I’d like to encourage other area business leaders to join us as part of the Herd of Hope,” said Jim. “It is only through research that we can find new cures, and that can only be made possible with our support.”

Is your business ready to join the Herd? Find out more information or donate here.


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