Lake Shore Savings Bank joins the Herd

Lake Shore Savings has been serving the Western New York community for over 130 years. Dan Reininga, President and CEO, knows that the heart of Lake Shore Savings Bank is the community, and now they are proud members of the Herd of Hope.

“Our goal is putting people first, and that means helping our customers, energizing our employees, respecting our shareholders, and serving the community of our region,” he said.

Dan has lost several loved ones to cancer, but he knows his story is not unique.

“A dear friend of the family was diagnosed with melanoma, five and one-half years ago. Shortly after his diagnosis, the cancer just ravaged his body, and unfortunately, he didn’t make it past age 30,” Dan recalls with grief in his voice. “He was like a son to me.”

Dan continues, “Cancer won’t stop stealing lives unless we fight back together. Lake Shore Savings Bank joined the Herd to give cancer the end it deserves. Many larger companies are driven by increasing the bottom line and shareholder return. Our shareholder return is enhanced by giving back to our community.”

Lake Shore Savings Bank decided to donate to Roswell Park “to show appreciation to our team members who are currently being challenged with cancer and to honor them.”

If you are wondering why you should join the Herd of Hope, Dan explains, “There is strength in numbers. If you’re in a stampede, with a large number of buffalo, or a large number of corporations supporting fundraising efforts, you can accomplish great things regardless of the size of the donation. There are big buffaloes, little buffaloes, but when buffaloes run – you better be out of the way!”

Get in the stampede. Your support will save lives. “It’s the understanding that we have the opportunity to be a part of a community that is part of a Herd.” Herds stay together and their impact is undeniable.

You can trust your donation to Roswell Park.

“When you look at services throughout the world. Roswell Park is one of those pinnacle service providers, with respect to research and the treatment of cancers – it’s world-renowned.” Joining the Herd of Hope can ensure the City of Good Neighbors, which Buffalo is lovingly called, leaves a global impact on cancer research and care through Roswell Park. 

Join Lake Shore Savings Bank in the Herd of Hope.

Every blue buffalo gets Roswell Park one step closer to finding  a cure for many types of cancer. “It’s very important to have such an awesome, international, and globally recognized center of excellence in Western New York.”


Join Lake ShorE Savings BANK and over 100 other WNY businesses by joining the Herd today!