Raising Hope

How Costanzo’s Bakery Inspires Staff and Customers With Its Herd of Hope Buffalo

Costanzo’s Herd of Hope BuffaloThe store’s vestibule and large picture window just called for the big blue buffalo. It was the perfect stage on which to display a symbol of hope.

Costanzo’s Bakery is just one of the many members of the Herd of Hope. As a sponsor, they received a dazzlingly blue buffalo to display at their store. Once staff got it situated, CEO Angelo Costanzo III thought it called for a selfie. And once he had snapped that first picture with the buffalo, one thing seemed obvious: Lots of other people working in or visiting the Cheektowaga store would want to do the same.

They set out a white board for staff and customers to write their tributes on — honoring a loved one, a colleague, themselves, someone they’ve lost — and cancer site ribbon magnets to stick to the white board. Then they let the selfies commence.

It has really engaged Costanzo’s employees, and customers love it, too. Not only did the selfie station encourage employees and customers to take a moment to honor or remember someone affected by cancer, but it also served as a reminder that we are all part of a larger group that is committed to finding a cure for cancer.

Costanzo’s Employees took pictures with the Herd of Hope Buffalo“Employees have really rallied around it. That’s important to us,” says Lori Ferraraccio, Vice President, Talent and Operations Development. “We feel that wherever you have an opportunity, whether individually or as a corporate citizen, you should give back. That’s what’s most important to Costanzo’s. We’re not in this for the publicity. We’re in it because we truly believe that Roswell is like Costanzo’s: a Western New York tradition. And we’re lucky in both regards to have those in our backyards.”

CEO Costanzo says: “One small way we can give back to the community is what really matters to Costanzo’s.”

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Costanzo’s Employees took pictures with the Herd of Hope Buffalo